The Art of Contentment + A Giveaway!

One of the things I love most about spending time on social media is the community aspect - I’ve become part of a number of groups over the years, and they definitely help me to feel connected with others doing similar work to me, or those with similar interests or outlooks. I’ve also formed friendships with a number of individuals, and even though we may never meet in real life, I still treasure them as much as people I’ve known for years.

Someone I’ve recently connected with online is artist, teacher and creative mentor Jane Hinchliffe. Her ethos of offering soulful and practical tools to help you slow down, reclaim your identity, embrace play and find joy and creativity in a busy world is one that definitely chimes with my own values and the work I do, so when Jane invited me to be part of her latest project it was an easy decision to say yes!

Year Of Contentment + Soulful Portraiture (1).png

In January, Jane is launching The Art of Contentment - a year-long course of portrait painting with an additional and gentle focus on slow living, rest, and contentment. As well as her own teaching each month with techniques and exercises in painting and other media and a variety of themes, Jane has invited a different guest each month to share their thoughts on contentment, self-expression and slow living.

I’m honoured to be among this amazing group of women, many of whom I know from the work and life they share online, and my own contribution to the project is live now on Jane’s website as a pre-launch peek into what you can expect.

As you know, I’m all about savouring the little moments that matter, and Jane’s questions got me thinking about what contentment means to me, and when I experience it in my everyday life.

Contentment to me feels like those moments when you can give a happy sigh of satisfaction, that all is right with the world, and there’s nothing you need to do right then except enjoy the moment for what it is. It’s Sunday mornings and waking up from a long sleep feeling rested and just lying in bed for a while luxuriating in the comfort and peace. It’s being with people you love and not feeling pressured to put on an act, or even talk if you don’t want to, just enjoying the companionable silence. It’s knowing you’ve done your best at something and accepting that what will be will be.

You can read more of my thoughts on contentment, slow living and self-expression in this post on Jane’s website.



Now, to address the second part of the title of this post, Jane is very generously offering to give away one place on her Art of Contentment course to a lucky reader of this blog!

All you need to do is go and check out the information about the course - I think it will be wonderful if you’re looking to dedicate some creative time to yourself in 2019 - and then answer this question in a comment below:

What brings you contentment in a busy world?

You have until midnight (GMT) this Thursday 20th December 2018 to leave your answer, and the randomly selected winner will be announced on this post on Friday 21st, after which contact will be arranged between you and Jane to confirm your access to the course.

Good luck!

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Or, for an extra bonus...

Jane has created a generous discount just for my lovely readers.  Using the code below, you can register for the class at £95 (approx. $121 USD) (Regular price is £150 or approx. $192 USD).  

Use this discount code by 11.59 GMT Friday, 21st December 2018 to get your spot in The Art of Contentment classJENNIFERHEARTSCONTENTMENT