Creative Guidance: A Case Study

A few weeks ago I launched my creative guidance and mentoring services, and I know it can take a little while for something new to settle in, and it can be tricky to understand or know whether it’s something that could maybe help you. So today I want to share with you a case study of one of my first clients – with her permission, of course – to give you an idea of the kind of things I’m here to work on with you.

I’ve known Carrie for a few months, we met through a mutual friend and a group small business coaching programme, and I’ve been loving seeing Carrie’s vision for her business come to life. She’s shared her own thoughts about working with me on her blog here, but I wanted to share how things went from my perspective too.

Carrie photo.jpg

Carrie offers coaching and support to people struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other fatigue related conditions, alongside a busy job where she also leads a fatigue support network for employees, as well as being a Mum, running a beautiful Instagram account, and developing her interest in reiki and oracle card readings. She had joined my Creative Focus Challenge back in September to give her some momentum to set up a monthly newsletter to send to her growing community of subscribers, and then told me that she’d previously equated creativity with being artistic – which she didn’t feel she was. But since the challenge she’s being enjoying tapping into her creativity in other ways, and this has inspired further ideas for her business.

Music to my ears!

carrie workshop.png

Carrie contacted me for a creative guidance session to talk through the plans she’s putting together for a vision boarding workshop in February 2018 – Creating Your Soul’s Vision – and to get some clarity and focus around her own vision for the event, steps she might need to take next in organising everything, and to generally talk it all through.

We chatted for an hour on Skype, during which time the conversation flowed pretty naturally. For me, coaching really comes down to helping the other person find their own answers, the ones that will be best for them, so although I guided us with a few questions, it felt to me like letting Carrie ‘think out loud’ was working, and actually, she’d got the bones of the plan well set already. Carrie asked me a couple of particular questions – did I think she should do x? – and while I offered a personal preference sometimes, I was also able to offer other resources to look at, possible alternative views, and other questions to get her thinking about the people who will attend the workshop, and to come back to her own intentions for the day.

Carrie’s own health, and managing her energy levels before, during, and after the workshop were also an important consideration, but Carrie knows herself well enough to plan for this and has already blocked out the time she’ll need for preparation and recovery. I completely appreciate this; for most people, taking some time to rest, review, and recharge after a big, exciting, and stressful (even if it’s the positive and motivating kind of stress) event is crucial to not burning out, and gives you the opportunity to appreciate how well it has gone.

By the time we finished our call Carrie felt happy that we’d covered everything that had been concerning her, had helped answer some of the questions she had, and given her a few other things to think about that would make sure, for her, that the workshop goes the way she hopes it will. I also felt like Carrie really had everything under control anyway, but if I was able to give her a bit more confidence to believe it, to be there for support if she feels she needs it, and to be a cheerleader for her amazing plans – then it was a successful hour for me too.

Carrie has since told me that she found the session really helpful to talk everything through and get it straight in her own mind, and that she appreciated my flexible approach to the conversation – having possible routes to guide us but otherwise letting things flow.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Carrie – it’s been an absolute joy to see her creative confidence growing, and to witness the amazing strides she’s making in her business. I have no doubt that the vision board workshop is going to be a wonderful day, and if you’re in the Warwick area do check out the details here if you’re interested in going along.

I know this is only one example, but I hope it gives you a bit of a flavour for the way I like to work. It probably doesn’t meet the ‘niche’ criteria that businesses are supposed to aim for these days, but as I believe everyone is creative, but in ways that are unique to them, there’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all approach. Having said that, I trust that with my experience, my own creative way of thinking, and my ability to listen and understand many different circumstances and situations, I can offer anyone looking to tap into their creative side some guidance and support to do so – whether you’re taking up knitting, designing a rocket to take people to Mars, or hoping to redefine how you feel about creativity in your everyday life without changing anything else.

If you’ve got a creative project you’d like to talk through, need an hour to kickstart your creative thinking, or want to chat about options for ongoing creative mentoring, then please get in touch. Even if you’re not sure this is something that will work for you, I’m happy to chat and see if we can work out a way together to help. There is also more information on this page if you want to read it first.

You can email me directly on, or use the form below (just click the big pink button to open) to send me a message. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!