Discovering Moments that Matter

Hello! How are you? I feel like I’m still getting my blogging mojo back after the Christmas break - we’re now in the last week of February and I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things! Do you struggle with motivation and energy and motivation at this time of year? I think it’s pretty normal to be honest, after all it’s winter, daylight hours are short, the weather can be grim, and we’d much rather be hibernating. Still, it’s good to take some time to recharge our batteries, and not rush headlong into big plans that will burn us out before spring.

On that note, I want to share a bit about how I’ve been focusing on what matters to me, identifying the kinds of moments I want to have more of, and let you know about a way I can help you to do the same.


When I first began my own practice of journaling Moments, one of the first parts that made sense to me was to give the moments I was capturing labels - or to put them into categories according to type. I was trying to savour the kinds of moments that made me feel good and that I wanted to remember, and to experience more of the feelings and qualities that described the way I want to live my life.

I started off with a few regular ones - looking for moments when I felt proud or that I had achieved something, moments of self-care that were about looking after my body and mind, and moments of gratitude and things I was thankful for. Gradually I added others to the list - moments of expressing myself or feeling creative, moments of curiosity when I was learning new things or exploring new ideas, moments of connection with other like-minded and like-hearted souls, and moments of enchantment when it felt like the universe was sharing something magical with me.

This worked wonderfully, and I was soon finding lots of different moments each day that fulfilled these desires - so I started experimenting to see if focusing on a particular value or something that was important to me could help attract more of those moments. I tried this out with moments of abundance (money has been a long-term struggle for me) - and sure enough, I was soon seeing sales from my shop, opportunities coming my way, receiving gifts, and even finding money on the ground!

This was what switched things for me in terms of the practice becoming much more actively intentional, and was an aspect that I really wanted to address when it came to launching the Moments Journal as a product.

I use the word Moments as an alternative to talking about values - they’re the things that are important to us and that guide our moral and emotional compass through life. But often when you ask people what their values are they’ll respond either with confusion because it’s not a question they’ve given much consideration to before, or they’ll trot out ‘standard issue’ answers because they’re the sorts of things that ‘everyone’ is ‘supposed’ to aspire to.

But when you do spend a bit of time really thinking about what matters to you, it’s often not that straightforward and there will be more individual nuances.

These are what I wanted to uncover, so I started putting together a process that would help with the digging, and provide a starting point for getting into using the Moments Journal.

The result is my completely free, 7 day email course Discover the Moments that Matter to You.

Over the course of a week (or whatever time period you like, you can work through the whole thing in one go, or take as long as you need) you’ll receive a series of exercises and prompts to get you thinking about what’s important to you.

Unlike other resources of this type, I’m not interested in narrowing things down to just one guiding word, or even a shortlist of three, four or five - I believe that our values can be as varied as we are, and there will be some that relate more closely to different aspects of our lives. Of course, it’s always all about whatever works and feels right to you - so if you find at the end of the course that you only have one or a few words that represent what matters to you, then that’s great. Equally, if you find you have a list of over a dozen or more (like I do!) and can’t really remove anything without feeling like you’re losing something important, then this is wonderful too!

The exercises within the daily emails walk you through remembering some of the best times of your life, dig into sensory memories and emotions, get you thinking about the future and what your ideal life would look and feel like, look at defining some of the words you identify in ways that make sense to you and allow you to imagine finding those kinds of moments in your everyday life, and offer loads of suggestions and ideas for working with your Moments to suit you.

I’m always available for extra guidance or to answer any questions, and I love hearing about what you discover - perhaps things you hadn’t considered before, or confirmation of aspects of yourself you’d been hiding.

Just wanted to thank you for this course, it has been so powerful and really made me think about what is important to me, and some of the words that came up for me were a pleasant surprise. I’m going diving into my journal ready to start right now!
— Laura (course participant)

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, all you have to do is head to the Discover Your Moments page and enter your email address. I’ll then add you to the course list and you’ll start receiving the emails each day for a week. There’s no cost involved, and I won’t bombard you with other emails - in fact this course is totally separate from my main mailing list, although of course I’d love for you to join my community there too.

Since working through the course myself, I’ve found much greater clarity around what matters to me and how I want my life to be, and it’s transforming my Moments Journal practice even more - I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about how I’m using the journal and what working in alignment with my values is bringing me very soon!

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