Day out: Eastbourne

During the last week of March I gave myself a few days off from concentrating on work and business stuff to spend some time with my Mum, who was also taking some holiday. We always have a list of loads of places we want to go and things we want to do, and then somehow the time flies by and we haven't done any of it. So this week, we had planned in several things to make sure that we actually got out of the house to enjoy some of the beautiful spring weather!

So off we headed, coast-ward bound through the country lanes and villages of Kent and Sussex to Eastbourne for the day, blessed by a sunny morning and blue sky. 

Well I say that, when we arrived there was a worrying blanket of cloud and a chill breeze blowing, so we headed first towards the town centre and shops were we could duck indoors in the event of the weather worsening. But we needn't have worried, by the time we headed back down to the sea front and a walk along the pier the clouds were parting again. Still the wind off the sea had a bit of a bite to it so we were glad of the shelter of the pier buildings as we walked back towards land.


Any day at the seaside has to involve fish and chips, so we found ourselves a cosy table by the window of the Chippy on the Pier, ordering cod and chips twice which was delivered to us freshly cooked and steaming hot. With added lashings of salt and vinegar, a dash or two of ketchup, the beautifully flaking fish and crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-in-the-middle chips made the most satisfying meal.

As the sun was by now warming us nicely through the glass of the window we headed back out into fresher air and a gentle walk to work off our lunch. There's no point going to the seaside if you don't actually go on the beach, so descend the steps we did onto the pebbled bank, picking our way over the shapes and colours and textures of water-tumbled rocks, careful to find a steady footing and avoid twisted ankles!

The pier looked resplendent in the sunlight, the golden dome of the pavilion shining against the blue sky, and the waves rolling in and out of the shore creating that wonderfully rhythmic shhhing sound of the pebbles shifting.

Further along we walked, past beautifully tended banks of spring flowers mixed with exotic palms, then turning back we walked along the main promenade with its manicured beds of brightly coloured blooms - a once derided Eastbourne tradition, but one that I think shows a respect for history and a love of the town.


We couldn't leave without having an ice cream, so back to the pier for a whippy with a flake each, happily licked as we walked back to the car - the weather not yet that warm to worry about it melting too quickly!

I haven't been to Eastbourne for years and years, so it was wonderful to reacquaint myself with the place, and see how things have changed, and how they seem to never change. Where is your favourite seaside town? What do you never miss doing when you're there? Do share your memories, or recommendations for new places for me to explore.