Instagram Challenge: #everydaycreativeAtoZ

I've been wanting to host another Instagram photo challenge since we did the Creative Focus challenge back in September, but to make it something that is purely fun and without any pressure to follow very specific prompts, or more work for me to create daily email content.

This time of year is really busy for all of us, but I know many of you love having the guidance of a prompt or two to inspire your Instagram posts, so I've come up with  what I hope will be four weeks of creative play with no stress.

Beginning on Monday 27th November, I'd love for you to join me in the

Everyday Creative A to Z challenge!

This really is as simple as it sounds - every day the prompt will be a letter of the alphabet (we'll work through them in order so nobody gets confused!), and all you have to do is post something related to that letter.

I want you to really let your imagination run free with this and post whatever you like!

I know we're in the lead up to Christmas, but there's absolutely no requirement for you to post festive images if that's not your thing - or if you're a total Christmas freak then please go right ahead!

  • You could stick to a theme in your posts, or mix and match each day depending on your inspiration.
  • One idea would be to create a flatlay of items in the shape of each letter, or maybe a collection of things that begin with that letter.
  • Perhaps you could collate your own creative dictionary of words and their meanings - or what they mean to you.
  • How about photos of places you've visited beginning with each letter, or places you'd love to go?
  • Or people you've met, who've inspired you, whose books you've read, or whose Instagram accounts you love?
  • Take the theme into an A to Z of your favourite foods.
  • Spot the letter of the day when you're out and about and take a photo of it in different fonts or typefaces.

You get the idea - there really are no rules with this, and if you like you can switch and change and post something different every day, or skip some days and just pick your favourite letters.

That's the fun of total creative freedom!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram feed for more inspiration and ideas, and I'd love it if you let me know you're going to join in. 

We can all tag our posts using the hashtag #everydaycreativeatoz - and remember to check it out and see what others are posting, join in the conversations, and support our creative community.

I'll be doing my best to post every day too - some letters I might plan ahead for (this is completely allowed!), but others I hope to be spontaneous with and see what comes up on the day.

Here's a reminder of which letter we'll be tackling each day - I'll also post this on Instagram so please feel free to save it, and share it with your friends and encourage them to join in too!

Everyday Creative A to Z Instagram Challenge Prompts