#everydaycreativemoments - the challenge

Here we go - our creative week is about to begin!

Below are some suggestions to add a dash of creative self-expression to your days this week. Each day focuses on a particular area of your life, but you can absolutely switch them around if that's going to suit you better (perhaps Wednesday is a day off for you, so swap the work prompts to a different day). You might want to look ahead as there are a couple of days that might need a little bit of advance thought and planning, or you can take each day as it comes and plan to do something another day that works better for you. 

Remember, this is about experimentation, having a bit of fun, and finding things that fit in with your life but allow you to be yourself.

Join me on Instagram to share your #everydaycreativemoments, or leave a comment on this post if you prefer.

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about what you get up to!

Monday – You

  • Put make-up on if you don’t usually, even just a slick of lipstick
  • Choose a different colour eye shadow/lipstick/blusher
  • Don’t wear make-up at all if you usually do
  • Do your hair differently - switch your parting, put it up, or leave it down
  • Put on your favourite underwear (no-one else needs to see it unless you want them to!)
  • Wear something you love but usually keep for ‘special occasions’ or think is too serious or too silly to wear on a normal day (read my friend Rae's thoughts on taking fashion more and less seriously)
  • Wear the jewellery that really makes you smile
  • If you’re at home all day stay in your pjs or comfiest clothes if it makes you feel good
  • Wear your most killer heels – even if you’re going to be sat at a desk all day, every time you get up to walk down the corridor you’ll feel amazing!
  • Go barefoot if you can and feel yourself really connect with the ground

Tuesday – Food

  • Use your favourite mug/cup and saucer/plates, or the dinner service you inherited from your granny and secretly love – don’t just save them for best
  • Put a bit more thought into the presentation of your food, look at food blogs/Instagram for inspiration
  • Try out a new recipe you’ve been putting off, or look through cookbooks for ideas
  • Do a ‘fridge raid’ meal – invent something with whatever you have
  • Go out for a meal at a restaurant you've been wanting to try and pick something other than your 'usual' on the menu - it doesn't have to be dinner, how about lunch or even breakfast? If you can't go today, book a table for later in the week
  • Indulge in your favourite treat - stash of chocolates from Christmas still sitting in the cupboard? Eat some guilt-free today

Wednesday – Work

  • Use a fun coloured pen to make your notes - I like purple or turquoise
  • Bring in your favourite notebook – you don’t have to use the boring black ones from the stationery cupboard!
  • Can you personalise your desk with photos, flowers, crystals, a little toy, whatever…?
  • Be brave and make a suggestion in a brainstorming meeting if you wouldn’t normally have the confidence to speak up, all the best ideas have to start somewhere
  • Suggest taking a walking meeting with a colleague – fresh air might help the ideas and genuine opinions flow
  • Update your filing system (physical or digital) to one that suits the way you work better
  • Actually take your lunch break away from your desk and preferably out of the building to get a change of perspective
  • Work somewhere different for the day if you can – at home, in a café, in the library or a local museum maybe, see if the change of surroundings brings a new perspective

Thursday – Other People

  • Send a card to someone you haven’t contacted in a while and really think about what you write
  • Send a care package to someone you know who is ill or under the weather – put in things you know they’ll love (get some ideas from this book)
  • Random Act of Kindness – buy the next person in line their coffee, help a Mum with kids up some stairs, give up your seat on the train, leave flowers and a little note on car windscreens (Gabrielle Treanor did this recently, read her thoughts)
  • Plant seed bombs in a bare patch of ground in your community to encourage colourful flowers to grow
  • Add some guerrilla knitting or yarn bombing to trees or lamposts in your local area - you might need to check with the local council that it's OK to do this in public places
  • Donate stuff you no longer need or use to a charity that means something to you
  • Suggest a day out with family or friends (or make a plan for the weekend) and go somewhere new

Friday – Home

  • Buy yourself your favourite flowers and arrange them in your favourite vase/jug
  • Display some photos or hang a piece of art you’ve had waiting a while – enjoy the memories
  • Change your bed and use your best/favourite sheets – air them outdoors first if you can
  • Re-arrange a shelf or drawer that has become a dumping ground for random stuff, make it a pretty and inspiring space instead
  • Move furniture around to change the layout of a room
  • Make yourself a reading nook or designate a space for making/sewing/art
  • Light your favourite candles to fill the house with a beautiful scent – or open the windows and let nature do it for you

Saturday – Play

  • Work on a UFO or WIP that’s been hanging around a while (that's Unfinished Objects and Works in Progress)
  • Teach yourself something new – follow YouTube tutorials or grab a beginners kit with instructions (I love the ones that come each month with Mollie Makes magazine)
  • Watch a documentary that interests you
  • Go out for a walk and take photos – perhaps look for one kind of thing (all the street signs), or a particular colour, or interesting details on buildings... don't worry about perfect composition or technique, just snap whatever catches your eye and review what you captured later
  • Write – anything! In your journal, a poem, a letter to someone, a chapter of your novel...
  • Cutting and Sticking – grab some magazines and scissors and glue and collage your favourite images
  • Play a musical instrument you haven't picked up in a while - or put some music on and sing and dance along
  • Book an evening class - there will be loads on offer at your local Adult Education Centre
  • Get out in the garden and plant some seeds - flowers you love, vegetables, fruit, or whatever you fancy
  • Do some yoga/pilates at home and devise your own routine if you usually follow a video, or go to an exercise class – the wackiest one you can find!
  • Anything goes!

Sunday – Free Pass

  • Try one thing you didn’t get a chance to this week, or as many as you can!
  • Post on Instagram or leave a comment below so we can share what you've been up to.