Introducing #everydaycreativemoments

I'd love for you to join me in seven days of introducing more #everydaycreativemoments into our lives.

Next week beginning Monday 20th March I invite you to make room for creative moments in different aspects of your life, and to share what you get up to and whether it helps you feel more confident in yourself, or brings more inspiration to your work or personal life.

Being creative for me is about more than just arty-crafty stuff (although that can be a big part of it), it’s about all the choices we make that let us express ourselves and our interpretations of the world around us. It’s about standing up and being counted as an individual, and letting your true self shine.

I also think it’s like a muscle – the more you do the better it gets; the more you express yourself the more confident you feel; the more you invite inspiration the easier the ideas flow.

I know this isn’t always possible every moment of the day – sometimes we do have to conform to expectations or rules, like if you have to wear a particular uniform for work, but I think there are ways we can introduce that creative spark into more of our life, even if they are small and perhaps hidden (for now!). Eventually we will find the ways that creativity can fit comfortably into our lives, the times and places where we can be ourselves, and we can let ourselves explore and try different things without worrying (too much!) about whether they are ‘right’ or what other people will think.

Next week I invite you to explore some different aspects of your life where you could add something creative. We'll include things like your personal appearance, food, work, your home or space, interactions with family and friends, as well as 'play'. Some of these will feel bigger or more risky than others, some you might think ‘don’t count’, and some you might be doing every day anyway – and that’s fantastic!

Each day I’m going to set you the challenge to invite creativity into one of these different areas of your life, and give some suggestions of things to try. It could be something like choosing an outfit that you haven't worn for ages, or inventing a meal from the end-of-the-week remnants in your fridge, speaking up with an idea in a meeting, bringing your favourite flowers into your home, or planning an adventure with your family.  These are only suggestions, and I’d love it if you come up with your own, as simple or extravagant as you like! Whatever is going to fit in with your day, your lifestyle, but also make you feel confident, creative, and like you’re really expressing your true self.

This is intended to be an absolutely zero pressure challenge - you can join in as much or as little as you want, and perhaps most importantly, try not to panic about getting things 'right'. I feel very strongly that there are no right or wrong answers with creativity - there is only play and experimentation, trying things to see what works, what needs tweaking, or what doesn't fit for you at all. All of it is a learning experience where you can either narrow things down by figuring out the things that really don't feel like you, or open up your options to include more variety and express different aspects of yourself. I can swing between both of these, and that's fine too!

Join in on Instagram (I'll be mostly hanging out there) by posting what you get up to each day using the hashtag #everydaycreativemoments, or leave a comment below to let everyone know what you plan or manage to do - if you post anything on your own blog leave a link so we can find you and share in your creative week.

Look out for another blog post at the weekend with all the prompts.

And finally - enjoy!