July in the Garden

I really like this time of year because there is always plenty going on in the garden - everything is growing well, flowers are blooming, and vegetables nearing time to harvest.

Even the lawn gets in on the act with a colourful carpet of daisies, clover, and buttercups.

We've a few different roses in the garden (front and back) and they always look spectacular about now, the orange one in fact is into its second flowering already!

The peonies of late spring are finished now, but remembering their blousy exuberance makes me smile.

The sunflowers are starting to open - this year we've grown giants from last year's seeds, small frilly 'Teddy Bear' ones which are a little slower, and this glorious red variety that looks stunning in the sunshine.

The hydrangea is gradually filling out its big pom poms of petals, the agapanthus bursting open, and a happy little geum popping its delicate flowers through all the spaces.

Sweet peas are one of my favourites to grow, and this year's display has been wonderful. I've been cutting the flowers to bring indoors every couple of days, and still more and more keep coming.

Dahlias are another favourite, and I've got three new ones this year - this single bloomed yellow being the first to flower, but the others not far behind.

The vegetable patch is already doing brilliantly this year, we had early broad beans that had been planted after new year, and the strawberries have produced flavoursome red jewels. We grow potatoes in deep pots and have already harvested several, they're delicious lightly cooked with a bit of melted butter! The runner beans are now getting into their stride, and the sweetcorn are beginning to fill out. My peas have been the most successful this year though, producing loads and loads of pods - I've already filled two bags for the freezer as well as cooking and eating several generous servings.

July feels like a time of great abundance in the garden, with August following close behind, still more things waiting for their moment in the sun.

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