A day out in London - part 1

It started as a day unlike many others. It started as the day I confirmed my resignation from my job and went to return all my stuff (laptop, phone, etc) to the office. Walking out of the building afterwards I felt the most amazing freedom and lightness - now the future was about to begin.

I set off walking, heading along a familiar path towards the river, under Blackfriars Bridge, step by step along Bankside and past the Tate Modern, then on to the Millennium Bridge across the water. I've walked this route many times and have many versions of this photo looking across the bridge towards St Paul's Cathedral, but every time the view is different. Different people going about their day, different building work continuing in the city, different clouds in the sky.

Heading east I dodged the crowds around Cannon Street and Monument, office workers escaping their glass and concrete confines to grab some lunch, keeping in sight above the rooftops my destination. 20 Fenchurch Street, also known as the Walkie Talkie building, houses the Sky Garden at the very top, and you're able to visit for free to take in the views across the city. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised that they operate a timed booking system to manage the numbers of people, and all the slots this day were taken. Disappointed, I've promised myself that I'll book to go another day, perhaps even with a reservation in one of the restaurants for a leisurely brunch.

Despite this knock-back, on this bright and blustery day the outside of the building still offered plenty of opportunity for some arty architectural photos. All elegant curves cut with straight lines, steel soaring into the sky and clouds reflected in the glass. I can only imagine (for now) how spectacular the view from the top is going to be.

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