There must have been millions of songs written about Love, thousands of motivational/inspiring quotes, and definitely more than a few clichés, and I could have very easily launched into this post with a few of them.

But that just felt a little bit cheesy, and would have made fun of something that I think is more important than that.

If you remember from my previous post about the day retreat I went to back in May, I mentioned that one of Jenny Pace’s traditions and touchstones at all of her retreats is to offer each person attending a star with a guiding word on it.

The one I picked out, at random, but trusting that it would be the one I needed, was Love.


During the day we all shared our initial instinctive impressions of what our words meant to us, and I remember saying that although the focus of the day was business, that Love was something I felt carried over into my personal life very strongly too.

I said that I was taking Love as a reminder of how I wanted to feel about my work, and a prompt to do more of the things I love and that light me up. I acknowledged the areas that I felt love is missing from my life, or that it comes with other conditions or struggles attached. I also confessed my wish to find the romantic love of a life partner that my heart craves – this is always the admission that brings a lump to my throat.

I kept my little wooden heart where I could see it all day at the retreat, a silent and gentle reminder of this focus for the honesty I would uncover through the various exercises and discussions, and a talisman for the intentions I wanted to set.

It’s stayed close by ever since, looped onto a notebook I use nearly every day, jogging my memory and sparking reflection as I dream and make plans.

In having this reminder so constantly visible what has actually happened is a realisation of just how much Love really does feed into everything I do.

Every single one of my values, guiding intentions, who and how I want to be, and the moments that matter to me – they all come back to Love.

- Curiosity is finding the things that ignite a sense of love for the experience or the knowledge learned.

- Creativity is bringing ideas to life with love for the process of creation and the beauty or purpose of the finished thing.

- Connection is sharing love with other people, acknowledging commonalities and respecting differences.

- Confidence is not only trust, but love of myself, and believing in my worth and the value of what I share with the world.

Wonder, self-care, gratitude, pleasure, beauty, calm, freedom, abundance – they’re all about Love.

And I don’t think I truly understood that before, but saying it now, it makes so much sense, not only on an intellectual level, but heart and soul deep too – that feeling that you can’t really explain but you know is right.

So I’m going to continue to let Love be my guide.

I’m going to invite more love into relationships with friends, colleagues, and family, working towards more mutual understanding and respect, acceptance of differences of opinion, and a more harmonious life for all of us.

I’m going to remember to show myself love in lots of different ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – knowing that this kind of self love acknowledges my true worth as a human being, and will allow me to be open to the right romantic relationship based on equality and all the qualities it ought to, rather than an attempt to ‘fix’ another person or needing ‘completion’.

I’m going to do more of the things I love to do, making time for creative play, for reading books, for getting outdoors, for exploring new places and meeting new people, for lying in the sun daydreaming, because I know these are the things that fill up my metaphorical cup and satisfy all those cravings to experience as much of the world as I can, and make me happy.

I’m going to allow my work to be led by love, because I know that doing so will make sure it’s the work that I’m truly passionate about, the work that is important to me, and I’ll be able to share it more truthfully and easily, which will help it resonate for the people who need it.

These feel like incredibly powerful statements to make – especially the intention to love what I do in my work and business, and this comes down to some important reflection I’m beginning around redefining what concepts like ‘work’ have meant to me in the past, and what I want them to mean in the future. But that’s a topic for another time.

I’d love to hear what Love means to you; in which areas of your life does it feel most important, and perhaps where would you like to feel more of it?

Leave a comment below, or drop me a message if you’d rather chat one-to-one. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

(P.S - Jenny Pace has made a small run of these little guiding stars available to buy. She’ll intuitively pick a word to inspire you, and you’ll have a beautiful little gift to remind you of that intention. Get your own here.)

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