Making the Moments Journal Your Own

In this third part of introducing the Moments Journal (you can catch up on the first two posts here and here) I want to share some of the ways I hope you'll be able to make the Journal your own.

Perhaps it's just my own rebellious streak, but I'm rarely able to follow a process or system that someone else has set out exactly to the letter. I'm always reviewing and adjusting and finding my own tweaks that make the system work better for me. It's part of the freedom of creative self-expression that I've talked about elsewhere - being able to take a variety of influences and mix them with my own ideas in a way that is totally unique to me, even if it bears similarities to other peoples' work.

This is what I hope you will do with the Moments Journal. Although I've provided the framework and some guidance on I how use it, I want there to be enough flexibility to allow you to experiment and make it work for you.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

I really recommend jotting down your moments every day. It helps set a habit, and that will have an impact on your sense of wellbeing, and give you momentum to keep going and keep noticing all the good things in your life.

But if daily doesn’t work for you, then whenever you can, perhaps once a week, but keep coming back to it.

  • Write in your best handwriting to make it special, or scribble things down quickly.
  • Use your favourite special pen, a selection of coloured ones, or just whatever pen or pencil is at hand when you sit down to write.
  • Complete your Journal last thing at night before going to bed, or add your moments throughout the day as they happen.
  • Add stickers or doodles, include photographs, or even sketch or paint your moments.
  • Write just one moment in each box, or as many as you like or that happen during the day.
  • You can even double up your moments into a couple of categories if it feels right, for instance if you feel proud of something and grateful for the opportunity to do it.
  • If one double-page spread isn’t enough to fit all your daily moments, then just carry on to the next page and fill that up too. 
  • Use my categories, or cross them out and make up your own depending on the kinds of moments you want to seek out, remember and treasure - use your values, guiding words, or key words for evidence you want to compile.
  • Share it with others or keep it sacred for yourself.

If you want to share your moments with me, use the tag #mymomentsjournal on Instagram and I’ll find you.

Next time I'll be sharing some of the development plans for the Journal, and asking for your help and feedback on some of the choices I need to make in order to bring the project to life.

I'd also really appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Moments Journal - you can share the links to these blog posts, talk about it and tag me in posts on Instagram, or send me a message and we can chat about how else you can get involved. Thank you so much.

Get a free sample!

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