May Magick 2019 - Moments

This month I’m delighted to be a contributor to my dear friend Alauna Whelan’s May Magick community project. The theme this year is about sharing our passions, taking up space, and creating space to gather and pause, and reconnect with each other and ourselves, so I was thrilled to be invited to share my thoughts on the prompt of Moments. You’ll find more information about the project and different ways you can join in, including signing up to receive all the daily emails from the other contributors (there’s also a Facebook group, and Instagram prompts and a hashtag) over on Alauna’s website, but in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy reading my contribution here too.

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A Moment

An unspecified portion of time. And something significant or of value.

This is the definition I began with when I first started my work – and my journal – with Moments. I’d been searching for a way to keep a journal that wasn’t a simple and clinical diary of events, but also didn’t involve writing lengthy reflections of my every thought and feeling each day. What emerged – or more accurately, sprung fully formed into being (don’t you just love it when that happens?!) – was a way of capturing those unspecified portions of time that felt significant or related to what is important to me.

By first identifying the things that I value in life, the experiences I want to have, the qualities I want to embody, the feelings I want to savour – the moments that have meaning to me – I’ve been able to develop a journaling practice that has totally changed the way I think and feel, and has led to huge shifts in my life.

It allows me to capture snapshots throughout the day that resonate and align with my values, and helps me gather evidence of all the good stuff, crowding out the times of boredom, frustration, fear, and any of those other less desirable emotions, though they are of course still an integral part of the human experience. But by collecting those moments that are representative of the way I want to live my ideal life, I’ve begun to move closer towards that dream becoming a reality.

The other thing about Moments is that they are the natural way that most of us form memories. We very rarely remember every detail of entire days – there will be routines and habits that we perform without conscious thought, and times that we’d rather not remember in the first place – but instead we store these brief impressions of particular experiences or events.

I often find the best ones are when we have a more fully immersive sensory experience – when we’re totally present in the moment and taking it in on a deeper level than just intellectual thought. The ones where you can recall the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures, as well as your emotional responses. The moments you feel so strongly about pausing and savouring because you WANT to save the memory. Ironically, the moments that perhaps are almost impossible to explain because they defy description within the limits of language.

And that can be a rare and precious thing in these times of constant busyness, external stresses, and the pressures and expectations of social media. Not that I’m knocking them completely – I’m as addicted to Instagram as the next person!

So once I’d realised this, journaling in Moments – and LIVING the moments that matter to me - felt so completely natural and right, it’s become my guiding passion in the way I aspire to live my life, and in the work that I share.

I truly believe that small moments add up and quickly become more than the sum of their parts. They can help remind you of what really matters to you – whether it’s taking the time to deeply enjoy the scent of your first cup of coffee in the morning and the way the steam rises and curls in the air ahead of a frantic day at work; the sound of your child giggling uncontrollably until you can’t help but join in and forget what set them off to begin with; the sense of pride and achievement at overcoming a challenge you feared; the joy of completely losing track of time when meeting with friends to chat about anything and everything and feeling truly seen and heard; the moments of awe and wonder when you see something or somewhere beautiful for the first time and it takes your breath away; the simple pleasure of clean sheets, an open window, a flower, a sunset.

I could go on and list hundreds, if not thousands, more moments from my own life, and that others have shown me the honour of sharing, but I hope you can already think of some of your own, some that you’d like to have more of.

And that’s really where the magic of the Moments Journal lies: by capturing these snapshots that we want to treasure, our brains and hearts get re-wired to seek them out, and others like them, more often. In my own experience, what you focus on you really do attract – whether you believe it’s the universe/source/God/whatever you want to call it sending them into your path, or your own thoughts creating a different reality from your shifting experiences – and that’s when you start to see life changing before your very eyes.

I feel more pride in my work than I have for a long time, more confident in my worth and what I have to offer, more abundant in so many ways, look after myself better, manage my mental health, am filled with gratitude, and experience so much more magick of all kinds.

All of this is a constantly evolving process, but because curiosity is one of my most important values, it’s that journey and endless opportunity for learning that excites me about continuing this work, continuing to explore how working with the concept of Moments can change my own life, and sharing the journey with others too.

If you’re interested in finding out more, there are a number of other blog posts that meander in and around the idea, and you can find out more about the Moments Journal itself, how it came to life with the support of my wonderful Kickstarter supporters, and how you can get hold of one too. I always love to talk about the Moments that matter to you or about how using the journal could support you in living a more aligned life, so please do get in touch if you have any questions, or would just like to get a bit philosophical over a virtual cup of coffee and conversation!


I’m a multi-passionate colour-loving creative and maker, an eternally curious student of life, a photo taker, writer and mentor, and I believe that moments matter. I haven’t got it all figured out yet, but I’m working on it, and I love to share the trials and tribulations, the joy and the laughs along the way. I share many of the moments of my own life on Instagram, where I probably spend a bit too much time, but I find the community there so engaging and inspiring that it’s hard to quit! I’d love to connect with you there, or via my monthly newsletter, or my free 7 day email course – Discover the Moments that Matter to You.

I’ve also created a free wallpaper for you (mobile and desktop versions) featuring a photo I took of one of my favourite ever magical moments, and one of my favourite quotes – I hope it resonates for you too.