Moments from my Journal

First of all, and with great delight, I’m utterly thrilled to share - if you haven’t seen me shouting about it all over social media already - that the Kickstarter campaign to launch the Moments Journal has been a success! Your support and pledges raised enough money to pass the funding target with time to spare, so the first print run of the journals is going ahead and I hope to have them winging their way around the world very soon!


When I launched the campaign it was one of the most exciting, but also the most terrifying things I’ve done, and there was a part of me that was resigned to it failing. But the bigger part of me was hopeful and confident that it would work out - and no-one is more surprised than me to have that part proved right!

Anyway, I’ll update the Moments Journal page with any news about when they’ll be available to order again, plus extra content that I’m currently developing, as soon as there’s anything to share.

For now, I’d thought I’d share a few of the moments I’ve captured in my own journal over the last few months, and the values they resonate with, to give you a bit of an idea of the kind of direction my own practice has taken and the types of moments you could think about recording in your journal once you receive it. This is only a very brief and very random selection from my journal - there are the same kinds of moments that I write about multiple times, and others that are unique - it’s really just about whatever resonates with me on any given day.

Proud Moments

  • Talked to camera on IG Stories for the first time in months

  • Increased the prices in my shop and didn’t feel guilty about it

  • Being able to help a new colleague learn the ropes, even though I’ve only worked there a few weeks myself

  • Going to an event in London where I didn’t know anyone

  • Cooked fillet steak for all of us and even Dad said it was perfect!

  • Owning how I’m feeling today but not wallowing (too much!) in the emotions

  • Sent loads of emails and messages to people I admire to ask them to support and share about my Kickstarter campaign

  • I’ve been published in two magazines this week!

  • Did everything on my To Do list that I wanted to get done today

  • Getting lots of answers right on tonight’s TV quizzes

  • Figured out how to use the software programme to design the Moments Journal myself

  • Cooked absolutely perfect scrambled eggs!

Creative Moments

  • Knitted some more of my rainbow jumper and practised a new technique for casting off the sleeve cuffs

  • Spent some time going through old magazines and cutting out words and pictures that appealed to me so I can use them for making vision boards

  • Chose and outfit to wear that made me smile, and added co-ordinating jewellery

  • Painted my toenails multi-colours

  • Had an amazing day exploring the Knitting & Stitching Show and feeling inspired by all the different crafts and materials and colours

  • Moving things around on the shelves in my room to change the display and show off some different mementos

  • Setting up my table at the craft fair to display all my products

  • Having some fun arranging flatlays and taking photos

  • Practising modern calligraphy with the kit I bought at the Handmade Fair

  • Moving some products around at work to make more effective use of the space, and an attractive display to encourage customers to buy

  • Spent the afternoon at the sewing machine making bags and notebook covers for my shop

  • Started waxing rather poetical when writing about some Enchanted moments in my journal!

Grateful Moments

  • Having the whole outdoor pool to myself to enjoy my swim in the sunshine

  • Driving home with the car windows open and great music on the radio

  • Learning a tricky harmony for the new song we’re learning at choir

  • Getting lots of lovely comments and having some great conversations after my Instagram post today

  • Being asked to write another article for Knitting magazine

  • No queue in the Post Office!

  • Mum came and picked me up from work so I didn’t have to walk in the rain

  • Made it to the train I wanted to catch despite having to detour around traffic and park somewhere else

  • Walking home under the light of a full moon and a clear starry sky

  • A warm and dry house while it’s cold and raining outside

  • The Physio was really helpful at my assessment appointment, I’m hopeful her support will help me manage my pain better

  • A roof over my head and food in the fridge - and Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream in the freezer!

Enchanted Moments

  • Running my hand through a lavender hedge as I walked past to release that wonderful scent into the air

  • Lying on my bed by the open window and hearing an owl twit-twoo-ing somewhere nearby

  • Spotting the robin in the garden as soon as I looked out of the window this morning

  • The velvety purple detail on the top of a poppy seedhead

  • Walking barefoot on the grass this morning while it was still cool and damp with dew

  • The first hard frost of the season and everything being edged in sparkling white crystals

  • The way the sunlight filtered through the trees and cast light and shadow on the coppery drying ferns beneath

  • Finding white feathers all over the place today!

  • Had a very friendly squirrel for company as I sat eating my lunch in the park today

  • Waking up to the dawn chorus in full voice - the blackbird taking the lead!

  • The way the sunshine creates shimmering ripples and the water droplets scatter rainbows as I swim

  • A butterfly flitting beside me as I walked by the river

Self-Care Moments

  • Parking my car a bit further away from work so that I have more of a walk and time to clear my head

  • Clean pyjamas and clean sheets on the bed

  • Half an hour lying in the garden enjoying the sunshine, watching the sky and daydreaming

  • Doing yoga at home every morning this week

  • Slathering lovely body lotion all over after a shower

  • Slept for over 10 hours last night!

  • Taking some painkillers and using my heat pack on my bad shoulder

  • Walked the long way home from the village

  • Had a really good stretch when I got up from working at the computer all morning

  • Fresh vegetables from the garden to eat with my tea tonight!

  • Found some really great guided meditations on Insight Timer

  • Washing my hands and taking m make-up off when I got home from work

Curious Moments

  • Reading a load of blog posts I’d saved which gave me things to think about

  • Always interested to watch the different features and different issues covered on Countryfile

  • Watching a programme about different heritage crafts and wanting to have a go at all of them

  • Asking lots of questions at my new job so that I can learn quickly

  • A wander round the shops and being inspired by lots of different products, colours and trends

  • Borrowing a book from the library that I’ve been looking forward to reading

  • Spent the afternoon walking around Paris exploring at my own pace

  • Disappearing down the Pinterest rabbit hole for half an hour!

  • Looking up the meaning and origin of some new words I came across

Confident Moments

  • Driving round the M25!

  • Knowing that I’ve packed everything I need for this weekend in Paris without having to check three times!

  • Taking new photos of myself for my website and social media and liking how I look in them

  • Knowing my body’s capabilities and trusting my strength and ability to swim

  • Sticking by my decision not to stay out late despite some friendly encouragement

  • Speaking to lots of different people and answering questions about my products at the craft fair today

Abundant Moments

  • My first pay day at my new job

  • Made a donation to the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal

  • Treated myself to a couple of new magazines to read

  • Made a few sales at the craft fair, enough for a profit and to buy myself a gorgeous pair of earrings

  • Paid for a couple of workshops where I learned new skills, and bought the tools to practise them at home

  • Won tickets to the Handmade Fair in a giveaway on Instagram

  • I didn’t spend any money today

  • Paid all my bills for this month

  • I found a £5 note on the ground in the car park! (There was no-one around that it could have belonged to, so I graciously thanked the universe for leaving it in my path)

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