My Moments Journal

I’ve always had a tricky relationship with journalling. I’m really good at keeping a daily diary of what I’ve been doing, I’ve done it for years as a memory record to look back on. But although I often feel like I want to keep a long-form journal – the kind where I can write for pages and pages about whatever’s on my mind – I find I tend to default to rumination in this format and will go round and round in circles with my problems and frustrations but never really find any answers.

I wanted something in between. A system that wasn’t too complicated or long winded, that didn’t take too long, and that kept me in a positive frame of mind while still acknowledging the not so good days.

I’ve looked into all kinds of journalling, tried out a few, found bits that work and bits that don’t, but never felt completely comfortable with one single system.

In many areas I like to research all the options, put together the elements that fit for me, and eventually arrive at my own unique take on the combination of influences, inspirations and experiences.

This is a key element in how I define Creativity - you can read more about my thoughts on this here.

The journalling question had been percolating in the back of my mind for a while, until one evening – it was the night of a new moon if you’re interested in that kind of thing – the answer came to me.

It was an idea that suddenly seemed so obvious, I started practising it straight away, and kept doing it for the next few weeks. It felt so right. And so easy. And exactly what I’d been searching for.

By the next new moon I knew I was onto something. The new personal habit had stuck, and the idea was growing and wouldn’t let go. It wanted to be bigger. It wanted to be shared with all of you. So I'm creating a version of the journal that I hope, in the not too distant future, you'll be able to buy.

It's a journal is for capturing Moments.

Moments from your days that you want to remember.

Moments you want to savour.

Moments that make you feel exactly how you want your life to feel.

And there’s also space for the moments you’d rather release.

I’ve taken influences from other places, and a few of my favourite people, to come up with a system that works. Since I’ve been journaling this way, my outlook has completely changed, and I’m calling in more of what I want in my life – simply by noticing what’s already there.

I no longer struggle to find interesting things to write down in the evening – I’m open and aware throughout the day and excited to record everything. I experience moments more mindfully and feel more joy, hope, and confidence in myself. And on the not so good days, or even the run of the mill days, there will always be a few things I can jot down to remind myself to appreciate the simple things, and I have a way of letting go of the moments or thoughts that don’t serve me or bring me down – by releasing them I can acknowledge the feeling and then move on.

This is one of those projects that has grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and won't let go. The excited part of me is all in for going full steam ahead and making it happen, while the more cautious side wants to take a step back, slow down, and make sure I've thought everything through. Getting these two sides to work together is going to be a challenge!

This is a very brief introduction to the journal, and I'll share more about the process in the coming weeks. I'm going to talk through the way I've been recording my Moments, the evidence I've been gathering that there are good things in my life, and how I hope you'll be able to take the journal and make it your own.

I'm going to be asking for your feedback, your help to make decisions about design elements, and your advice on how I can best bring this creation into the world (if anyone has any experience with launching this kind of product either through pre-orders or crowdfunding campaigns I'd love to talk to you!). I've already got a few testers trying out samples for me and I'm excited to start hearing their thoughts and what they've uncovered along the way, the tweaks they've made to make the journal what they need it to be.

I'm incredibly nervous about the undertaking, but I know in my heart that it is something that I'm definitely going to make happen, despite the nerves, and despite having any number of 'big ideas' that have fallen by the wayside through the years. This one gives me that tingle of joy that I know will keep me going through the stressful parts of the project, and gives me hope of making it a success.

I hope you'll come along on this journey with me - keep an eye out here and on my Instagram account for more updates, sneak peeks, and questions, and I hope it won't be too long before the Moments Journal is a reality that you can hold in your hands!