Monthly Favourites: Blogs

Hello! Can you believe it's March already?! Honestly, I don't know where the time goes...

Anyway, today I'm back with my next round-up of favourites, and this month is all about blogs.

I'm aware of a few conversations recently about whether it's still worth writing a regular blog, or if the audiences have migrated to other platforms, for instance using Instagram for 'micro-blogging', but also the value of having part of your website (like a blog) that is updated frequently because it can help with SEO and search engine rankings. Wherever you stand, I quite enjoy having this space to get up on my soapbox occasionally and share opinions, or to delve into an issue that interests me, to let you know what I've been getting up to, and to engage in conversation.

But this post isn't all about me, I'm here to share a few of the blogs that I enjoy reading and hop over to when new posts are published, and they are generally the ones that I'll read fully rather than just skimming. I do read others too if something catches my eye, but these are some of the ones I have bookmarked.

Gabrielle Treanor

Gabrielle calls herself a 'worry specialist' and writes about mindfulness, and how to spend less time overthinking and overworrying so that you can enjoy your life more. She talks openly about her own journey with anxiety, self-development and wellbeing, and willingly shares tips and techniques that are simple but effective for everyday life - both through blog posts and her ecourses.

Recent topics of discussion have included how to stop apologising for everything, savouring, calming the mind for sleep, and what to do if you wake up worrying, building your own mental health first aid kit, and a regular series of interviews that asks other women how they go about living their best life.

These are posts that I love to savour, and will save or bookmark when a new post is published so that I can sit and read them properly rather than a quick scroll while I'm on my phone.

Gabrielle is a regular poster on Instagram, and runs a couple of community projects each year, plus she sends an email newsletter and offers subscribers free access to her Nook of Inspiration filled with freebies, meditations, book and podcast recommendations, and more.

Read Gabrielle's blog here:

Wholeheartedly Laura

Laura Agar Wilson is a fairly new find for me, having connected with her first on Instagram, but her blog archive is definitely deserving of some time to read through.

Laura's mission is to help women looking to lead a more wholehearted life by taking care of their whole selves, cultivating self-kindness, going after their dreams, and knowing they are enough. 

Her regular blog posts cover subjects ranging from self-care, to spirituality, mindset, blogging and business, lifestyle, and recipes. It was some of the business planning, goal setting, and mindset/mindfulness posts that drew me in, but it's also great to have someone who shares holistically and not just about one area - we're all multi-faceted and have different interests after all, and it all ties in somewhere eventually!

Laura is also an Instagram regular, plus she has a pretty active Facebook community, and offers a number of ways to work with her through courses and mastermind groups, plus of course an email newsletter and free resources.

Read Laura's blog here:

Jenny Hyde

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Jenny is a writer, mentor, coach and advocate for creative small businesses, and most of her blogs focus in this arena, although she also touches on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and how to manage them as a business owner (based on her own experiences).

One of my favourite things about Jenny's blogs is how she titles them "Here's the thing..." - it's like the start of a conversation with a friend, or actually just standing up and saying 'here I am and I've got something to say'. Such a simple thing, but it makes me smile.

If you're after thought-provoking writing that never fails to hit the nail on the head, then Jenny's the woman for you. I often find her posts touch on issues or questions that I've been mulling over myself and haven't found a resolution, and then there she is with something to make sense of it all. Most recently this was around the idea of 'freshening up' things in your business rather than feeling the need for a full-scale rebrand or throwing it all out and starting again, but instead making little tweaks that help dial things up a notch without massive changes - timely guidance given the amount of 'new year new you' noise there has been around over the last couple of months.

Jenny offers a range of coaching packages, courses and retreats, plus a Facebook community, and sharing on Instagram.

Read Jenny's blog here:

Sophie French

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Another new-to-me find, Sophie is a business mentor and life coach, among other things, and she just exudes the most incredibly infectious positive energy!

Her blog posts in particular offer some amazing mindset tips, from tackling comparison, knowing your worth so you can raise your prices, to getting out of a rut, staying motivated, how to say no, and online confidence.

I'm gradually working my way through Sophie's archives and there are some real gems. She also hosts workshops titled 'How to Crush the Can't in your Head' which I hope she'll be able to bring south at some point because all the feedback and testimonials sound amazing!

Sophie's in all the usual places on Facebook and Instagram, and has one of those semi-nomadic, work-from-anywhere lifestyles that I slightly envy.

Read Sophie's blog here:

Quiet Writing

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Terri is a very dear friend who I've been connected to via Instagram for a few years now in spite of her being based in sunny Sydney, Australia while I'm here in the UK - isn't social media a wonderful thing?!

Anyway, Terri's background is in teaching adult vocational education, but at heart she's a writer, and now also a life coach with a particular interest in personality type assessment and wholehearted creative living. Terri's is another of those blogs that I savour reading slowly so that I can let her words wash over me and absorb her wonderful wisdom.

She writes about writing, reading, wellbeing, personal development, creativity, introversion, spirituality and tarot, and hosts guest posts by other women sharing their wholehearted living stories. She's created an incredible resource in her free Ebook '36 Books that Shaped my Story', and also shares personal stories via her newsletter.

I always love to see Terri's photos on Instagram, and am a bit jealous of the places she regularly swims in the sea and the stunning locations near where she lives.

Read Terri's blog here:

Now it's your turn: whose blogs do you love to read? Do you read them regularly or dip in and out? Any that you think I'd love to read? Leave a comment with links to your recommendations.