Etsy Shop Update: Lavender Bags

I'm on a bit of a roll with my Etsy shop at the moment! Or at least with the listing new stock part anyway! This is my third week of profiling a new product, and this is perhaps the one I love the most.

All my new products so far - the pin cushions and the bunting - have been about using up scrap fabric from my stash, small pieces that can be turned into something pretty. This is another in the same vein because I've been making lavender bags.

Lavender is a scent I really love, it has a real hint of summer about it, but is also wonderfully relaxing and soothing. I've found a farm here in Kent that grows, harvests and dries all its own lavender, and it's wonderful to be able to get such a beautiful product so locally. Lavender has been used for centuries as a freshening room fragrance, to scent clothes, it has antibacterial properties, and of course there are its relaxing, stress-busting, and sleep inducing qualities. Or, it might just be a scent that you love because it brings back pleasant memories or associations. You can find information about the properties and uses of lavender all over the internet if you're interested to find out more.

My lavender sachets are made from a selection of fabrics - I've got a few in different pretty cotton prints, and I've also made some with scraps of the World Peace Tartan I got in Edinburgh earlier in the year. The bags measure approximately 10 x 8 cm (4 x 3 inches) and are generously filled. I've also added a ribbon loop that extends 5 cm (2 inches) so you can hang them up, perhaps on a door handle or by your bed. The scent should last for several months, but if you feel it's fading you can just give the sachets a shake or scrunch to reactivate and release more fragrance.

I've listed a selection of bags in my Etsy shop, with some matching sets of two, three or four available, as well as single ones. Just a quick note to say that due to various international customs regulations I can't send these outside of the EU, so please check your country's rules about whether they'll accept plant materials through the post.

Are you a lavender lover? I have to say my room smells lovely at the moment as I've kept a couple for myself!

Another brief reminder that I'll be at the Support Local Pop Up event in Tunbridge Wells in two weeks time, it seems to be coming round really quickly but I'm excited for my first experience of an in-person craft fair. If you're in the area perhaps I'll see you there?