What's Inspiring Me Lately

Do you ever end up bookmarking links, making notes of things to read, storing up shows to watch on TV, and compiling a podcast list it’ll take you weeks to get through? Yeah, me too. And I’ve been thinking for a while about how I could find a useful way to start bringing some of them together to share with you.

So I’m going to do it here. In a new series for the blog where I’ll pull together on a regular basis a selection of the things and people that are inspiring me, giving me things to think about, or that I just plain love and think you will too.

Let’s get started with the first collection then shall we?

In no particular order…

  • This article from Small & Mighty Co about the difference between Mentors and Coaches and how each can support you is really interesting, and something I’m mulling over - both from the perspective of what I might be able to offer, and which I might look for personally.

  • Helen at Not About the Kids wrote about 5 Ways to Network with Soul with some tips that definitely appealed to me as a slightly socially awkward, introverted business owner!

  • I love Ruth Poundwhite’s 15 Point Intentional Online Business Manifesto.

  • Preview App’s Instagram Trends Survey results made the rounds a few weeks ago and showed up some interesting things, and a few that I didn’t find surprising at all! It’s been a reassuring nod to focus on how to use Instagram in the ways that work for me.

  • I’ve got a huge list of books I want to read this year, but one that I’m keen to revisit is Tara Mohr’s Playing Big - I don’t think I got as much from it as I could have the first time round, and it feels like a good time for an encouraging and empowering confidence boost.

  • Another book that several people have recommended to me recently is Paul Jarvis’s Company of One - the tagline is ‘Why staying small is the next big thing for business’.

  • For a list lover like me, this quick piece from The Reset about how to write a better To Do list has some great tips.

  • I’m in love with everything that Janae Christopher writes at the moment, but it’s especially interesting to read her reflections on leaving social media this year and what she’s learning about herself and how she wants to live her life in the process.

  • Jessica Uys’s Manifesto to an Uncompromised Life is a wonderful rallying cry for showing up as our true selves and embracing what life has to offer.

  • I really enjoyed listening to this episode of the Grow With Soul podcast where host Kayte Ferris talks to Susannah Conway about her heart-led journey into business and finding the answers you need already inside. I love listening to Susannah talk - she’s always so refreshingly unedited.

  • This BBC report on the decline of foreign language learning in UK schools made me quite sad actually - I always loved language lessons at school, and would have taken more subjects if I could! Personally I think being able to speak and understand at least a few basics in the language of any country you happen to visit is so enriching, a sign of respect, and opens up the possibility of getting to know more about the culture and people, plus being a creative challenge to learn something new.

  • This piece by Anita Chaudhuri for The Guardian, although published at the beginning of the year with tips for those struggling with sticking to new year’s resolutions, still has some great tips for boosting willpower and committing to achieving your goals.

  • I can’t remember who recommended it to me, but this TED Talk by Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action is a really great 18 minutes on why knowing your Why is so important.

  • Eli Trier is a champion of growing your community, but when she started talking about virtual coffee dates it wasn’t something I’d ever previously considered, but I’m now thinking it could be a great idea!

  • I came across AppleOak FibreWorks at the Knitting & Stitching Show recently and oh my goodness their yarns are gorgeous! Not only do they work with all natural fibres, but they colour the yarns with natural dyes too, and the result of the range on display was so beautiful.

  • Race Across the World is a new series on BBC2 where five couples are challenged to travel from London to Singapore without getting on a plane, their mobile phones taken away, and their budget the cost of what the air fare would be. Each team’s tactics are different, and of course there are great characters and moments of jeopardy, but they’ve passed through some incredibly beautiful places and it’s definitely getting me dreaming of doing a similar trip - just a lot slower and with a more generous budget!

Hopefully somewhere in that little lot there’s something you find interesting and inspiring - and if you come across anything you think I’d like to read/listen to/watch then please send it my way, either in a comment below or by dropping me an email. I share lots more inspirations on Instagram and in my monthly newsletter.

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