What's Inspiring Me Lately #3

Do you ever end up bookmarking links, making notes of things to read, storing up shows to watch on TV, and compiling a podcast list it’ll take you weeks to get through? Yeah, me too.

So I’ve decided to start sharing the things I find here - the people that are inspiring me, articles, audios or videos giving me things to think about, or stuff that I just plain love and think you will too.

In no particular order…

  •  The new podcast from Eminé and Paul Rushton - This Conscious Life - is a weekly dose of peace and calm, and so much wisdom - slow and sustainable living and Ayurveda are at the core, and I’ve found the first few episodes utterly fascinating and enlightening. You can listen on iTunes Podcasts or Stitcher.

  • I came across the stunning art work of The Future Mapping Company on Instagram and I’d really love one of their gorgeous rainbow pieces for my wall - they offer world, country, city and celestial prints in all sizes.

  • On the subject of colourful works of art, The Colors of Motion have created stunning posters where each line represents the average colour of a frame in a movie, creating some fantastic rainbow effects. There are hundreds to choose from - which would be your favourite?

  • For anyone who loves an online personality quiz, this is a great one to try - The Creative Types Quiz lets you discover what kind of creative you are from a selection of eight types. From people I know who’ve shared their results, it seems to be pretty accurate!

  • This was an interesting article from Simplified Accounting about the common factors that come up when people decide to quit their business - I’ve definitely felt some of them, which have prompted me to reassess and change the direction of some of my work.

  • The link for this piece by Wandering Aimfully came from another newsletter I read, but I think it’s worth continuing to share it - which kind of proves the point in the article about how to make your content shareable by making sure it’s interesting and/or entertaining, rather than going in with the vain hope that it’ll somehow go viral!

  • Lemon & Birch has a couple of great posts on their blog that I found really helpful - identifying your ideal customer, and defining your brand values and why they’re important.

  • I love the lessons that Jessica Rose Williams has shared from her two years of blogging, there are definitely a few things that I could do with remembering more often.

  • Ruth Poundwhite’s new free ebook Quiet Visibility is a goldmine of “reassurance and advice for business owners, blogger and creatives who have something to say but find it hard to say it” - perfect for intoverts like me who can struggle to find a comfort zone on social media.

  • There was loads of great brave, vulnerable, supportive and uplifting content shared during the recent Mental Health Awareness Week, but I like this post from Jen at Rock Rose Digital sharing some of the tool and strategies she uses for managing depression and anxiety as a freelancer.

  • And this post from Emma Block has some great tips for reforming your workaholic tendencies as a self-employed creative.

  • If you’re always on the lookout for recommendations for small creative businesses to support, or in the market for beautiful handmade, sustainable, or eco-conscious gifts, then check out Verity Gaida’s Spring Indie Edit for a gorgeous selection.

Hopefully somewhere in that little lot there’s something you find interesting and inspiring - and if you come across anything you think I’d like to read/listen to/watch then please send it my way, either in a comment below or by dropping me an email. I share lots more inspirations on Instagram and in my monthly newsletter.

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