What's Inspiring Me Lately #6

Do you ever end up bookmarking links, making notes of things to read, storing up shows to watch on TV, and compiling a podcast list it’ll take you weeks to get through? Yeah, me too.

So I’ve decided to start sharing the things I find here - the people that are inspiring me, articles, audios or videos giving me things to think about, or stuff that I just plain love and think you will too.

In no particular order…

  • These Ten Deep Breaths bracelets available from the Life+Me shop are a really beautiful gift idea (for yourself or someone else) and a reminder to take a few mindful moments to pause.

  • On the subject of pausing, my friend Jean at You Have to Just Start wrote this lovely blog about The Power of a Pause with some tips on how to create one for yourself.

  • This blog from Britt at Tiny Ambitions struck a chord for me, having just booked a holiday myself her experiences of travel anxiety and seeing everything through her phone have been a timely reminder, and I might juts borrow a few of her promises too.

  • Momtaz’s Instagram posts are always a welcome shot of vibrant colour on my feed, but I’m also drooling over her recent blog post at Craft and Travel full of photos from the Peruvian Textiles exhibition at the FTM London and hoping I might be able to fit in a visit to see it all for myself before it closes!

  • Advice for simple and slow living seems to be everywhere at the moment, and can be utterly confusing and overwhelming, so I really appreciated Julia The Simplicity Strategist’s take on what living a simple life is NOT - some of the things on her list definitely raised a chuckle!

  • I’ve recently found Kat from Blue Jay of Happiness on Instagram, and then discovered her blog - this piece on making an impact, and some of the trials and tribulations of social media, and how impact doesn’t have to mean big and loud, is worth a read.

  • I often share Helen’s Not About the Kids blog posts, but only because what she shares is so good! This recent piece on finding your voice for Instagram has some great tips for both written captions and spoken Stories, as well as case studies from a couple of other people too.

  • I love it when friend’s share Instagram posts that end up resonating for me, and this one about taking your business seriously from The Creative Business Network was definitely timely as I’ve been getting more serious about mine.

  • Another piece from Rachel Sheffield Flute on the differences and similarities between playing and practising, which although applied to musical instruments, I believe are also relevant to any skill or craft we want to get better at.

  • An Instagram post with a really important message from Becky Lord Design - stop apologising on social media!

  • Martha The Colour File is another of my favourite colour-loving people online, and she’s written a blog post about how creating shelfies can become a mindfulness practice. Also, I just love all the photos of her wonderfully colourful and creative home!

  • Finishing with another travel piece this time, from Dee Vanilla Papers and what her experiences in Venice taught her about minimalism, slow travel, and exploring beyond the tourist traps. It’s my favourite city I’ve visited so far, and reading this I want to go back!

Hopefully somewhere in that little lot there’s something you find interesting and inspiring - and if you come across anything you think I’d like to read/listen to/watch then please send it my way, either in a comment below or by dropping me an email. I share lots more inspirations on Instagram and in my monthly newsletter.

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