What's Inspiring Me Lately #7

Do you ever end up bookmarking links, making notes of things to read, storing up shows to watch on TV, and compiling a podcast list it’ll take you weeks to get through? Yeah, me too.

So I’ve decided to start sharing the things I find here - the people that are inspiring me, articles, audios or videos giving me things to think about, or stuff that I just plain love and think you will too.

In no particular order…

  • I shared one of Kat’s Blue Jay of Happiness blog posts last time, but I also really loved this one on ways to cultivate curiosity - it’s something I value enormously and wholeheartedly support anyone else looking to find more of it.

  • A lack of creative confidence is something that often strikes the best of us, so this blog post from Hira Sameer Ahmed definitely rang some bells about the things that stand in the way of doing our best work, and some tips that she’s used herself for getting past them.

  • Helen’s Not About the Kids refreshingly no nonsense take on recent (apparent) changes to Instagram’s algorithm and plummeting engagement is a good place to pop by if you’ve been feeling the frustration, and a reminder that Instagram isn’t actually the centre of the universe…

  • It’s always fascinating to hear the behind-the-scenes stories of how people run their businesses and do their work, so this piece by Gabrielle Treanor about coping with her fear of public speaking gives a bravely shared insight, as well as her tips if you’re quaking at the thought of presenting in front of a group (of any kind).

  • I’ve long been a fan of writing by hand, but find it also comes with its frustrations. This blog from Dee at Vanilla Papers shares some of the benefits of writing by hand, and has inspired me to pick up my pen a bit more often.

  • In planning my own trip for this November, I’m soaking up all things New York so I was delighted to find this blog post from Christina of My Petite Joys (who I’ve followed on IG for ages) reviewing her November weekend trip last year with some great tips, and an idea of the potential weather I can expect too!

  • Social media usage and online time is often a topic of conversation, and I definitely think about the impact of how long I spend on Instagram, and what I’m consuming while I’m there, so I was interested to read about Jessica Rose Williams’ 30 day digital declutter.

  • Helen from Chant Malas first posted about her practice of Mouna on Instagram, but has now also expanded on it in a blog post - not quite ‘formal’ meditation, but the art of finding everyday silence.

  • I’ll occasionally trawl news websites for the non-obvious but interesting stories, and this one caught my eye on the BBC News site - on why 33-38 is a tough age for many women as we try to cram in lots of big decisions and future plans - it’s exactly the age window I’m in at the moment and can definitely relate to many of the feelings expressed in the article.

  • I have been absolutely loving Tara Leaver’s sea swimming stories on Instagram, and now she’s distilled some of the big lessons she’s learnt into a blog post - she’s called it swimming lessons for artists, but they can also absolutely apply to any kind of creative endeavour.

  • I’ve been lucky enough to work with Eleanor Snare over the last couple of months, but it was wonderful to be able to read their own story about their self-employment journey and so much more, as shared with Jen at Rock Rose Digital as part of her TheirStory series.

  • This post from my darling friend Janae Christopher on building boundaries and reclaiming your schedule came at the perfect time for me after a few weeks of busyness that was turning to overwhelm, and offered me the reminders I needed to slow down and start saying no!

Hopefully somewhere in that little lot there’s something you find interesting and inspiring - and if you come across anything you think I’d like to read/listen to/watch then please send it my way, either in a comment below or by dropping me an email. I share lots more inspirations on Instagram and in my monthly newsletter.

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