Sometimes you reach a point where you’re stuck in a rut, fed up of doing the same things and not seeing different results, or just frustrated but don’t know where to start to change things.

You’re looking for the moments that light you up, leave you feeling amazing, and are a glimpse of the way you want life to be.

When that happens it can be really helpful to have someone to talk to. Some who understands how you feel, and who can listen, ask the right questions, and offer guidance and encouragement to get you moving again.

That’s where I come in.


My mentoring packages are designed to get you unstuck, to identify the moments you want more of in your life, and to find ways of getting them.


There are currently two ways to work with me:

Single Session

90 minute Zoom/Skype call

Notes and actions to take

Email follow up

Investment: £100

Three Month Package

60 minute starter session + five 45 minute calls

Notes and actions after each session

Email check-in on non call weeks

Final follow up one month later

Investment: £350

(I’m also able to offer completely bespoke and ongoing mentoring, tailored specifically to you - please contact me to discuss)

Single Session


In a single 90 minute session we’ll work on uncovering what’s really behind that feeling of wanting life to be different, and identify how you want it to feel instead.


I’ll help you figure out:

  • the moments you want more of

  • what they look and feel like

  • what they will mean to your upgraded life

  • and then support you in working out ways to find them and make them happen more often


This is a really focused session for getting a lot done in a short space of time, but also really powerful at kickstarting shifts in how you feel about your life.

We’ll use a combination of activities and exercises, visualisations, word association, and questions to challenge to you get really honest about what you want, and then come up with some practical suggestions and actions you can take to start making those mindset shifts and see and feel changes in your life.

Every person is unique, and I’ll make sure the approach we take together suits how you work, drawing on my own experiences and intuition as well as tried and tested techniques, so that you end up with a solution completely bespoke to where you are and where you want to get to.

You’ll go away with:

  • greater clarity about the kind of changes you want to see in your life, and some touchstones to check in with along the way.

  • a better understanding of what really matters to you, and know the kinds of moments to look out for as proof that you’re living in alignment with your values.

  • more confidence to write the next chapters of your story in your own voice, and not let others dictate the plot.

  • a personal toolkit to call on when you go a bit off track (because it happens to all of us), with practical things you can do to get yourself headed in the right direction again.


The details:

  • 90 minute Zoom or Skype call

  • Notes after the session with actions to take

  • Email follow up a couple of weeks later to see how you’re getting on, to celebrate the successes, investigate any areas you’re struggling with, and offer words of encouragement, recommendations, or new ideas to add to your toolkit


Investment: £100


Three Month Package


The three month package offers the chance to really dive deep into understanding what you want to be different, to envision how you want life to look and feel, and to plan for bringing that future to life in really concrete ways that are in sync with your values and that light you up.

  • We’ll bust through the blocks of whatever’s holding you back,

  • Turn feeling fed up into motivation for change

  • And identify the moments you want your days to be filled with, defining them until they’re crystal clear and mean something completely personal and tangible to you.


This is the opportunity to figure out why particular words make you shudder, and where those stories in your head are coming from (clue: they’re most likely not yours), and to take back control of writing the next chapters in your own voice, listening to your own heart instead of what others think you should do.

It’s for bridging the gap between where you are now and that dream that gets you so excited you practically squirm and your eyes sparkle when you talk about it, and starting to put the stepping stones in place to get you there.

We’ll use all the techniques from the single session but go much, much deeper, and find other ways together of bringing you the clarity you need in order to take action. This will be real work, I’ll challenge you along the way to be completely honest with yourself, and there will be homework for you to do between sessions to consolidate and build on what we discuss and uncover.

By the end of the three months:

  • you’ll have a clear vision of the life you want founded on strong and defined values

  • an understanding of how recognising and being able to change the direction of your thought patterns can alter your reality

  • a confident and positive mindset ready to tackle whatever life brings you

  • a comprehensive and personalised toolkit of techniques and ideas to keep you focused on working towards a beautiful future - the one you deserve.


The details:

  • Initial 1 hour Zoom or Skype call to set out your goals and start identifying the moments you want more of and the changes you want to make

  • Another five 45 minute calls at fortnightly intervals where we’ll build on progress and dig deeper into understanding, redefining, and finding solutions

  • Notes from each call with actions to take

  • An email check in with me on non call weeks to catch up with how things are going and ask any questions or address concerns

  • A fully bespoke toolkit of tips, techniques, ideas, and recommendations

  • A final check in one month after our last session to consolidate everything you’ve learned, celebrate successes, and offer my continuing encouragement.

Investment: £350 (as a single payment or two instalments)


Why Me?

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve felt stuck and fed up and uncertain and afraid.

But I’ve survived it all and am seeing the impact of what I’ve learned in how my life has changed.

My entire outlook and attitude has flipped, and I’ve had experiences, been offered opportunities, and chased dreams that I never thought were possible.

I’ve been able to let go of expectations that were never mine to begin with, and to loosen the grip of doubt and fear so that I can listen to my own heart and follow what excites me.

Just a few years ago I could never have imagined how my life looks now, but most of the changes have come about through recognising how I wanted to feel and pursuing that instead.

I’ve tried out everything I’ll suggest to you, and I’m always on the lookout for new knowledge, tips, and ideas to explore.


I bring years of experience of working with all kinds of people in a vast array of jobs and industries, and a genuine curiosity about the human condition and a passionate desire to see people living their best lives.

I’m a deep thinker, a dreamer, an introvert, highly sensitive, creative, multi-potentialite who loves asking questions, and really listening to the answers.

I mix heart-led, intuitive guidance with practical, realistic action - a bit of science plus a sprinkling of magic!

I’ll be your greatest cheerleader, but also challenge you to find the courage that I know is inside you.

I believe that how we think has a huge part to play in how we live our lives, and that by changing some of the old ingrained patterns we can truly begin to create a new reality for ourselves – one that we want to live in every day.

I’m still walking my own path (I don’t think there’s a final destination, but I’m enjoying the journey) and I love it when I get to travel alongside others for a while. I’d be honoured to guide you in choosing the direction you want to go next.