The Moments Journal Kickstarter campaign was a success!


Thanks to a wonderful community of support and your generous pledges and pre-orders, the Moments Journal is now a reality, and I’m so excited about sharing it with you!

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A journal for savouring the little things that matter the most


At its heart, the Moments Journal is a values-led approach to mindfully savouring life, and a tool for supporting you in manifesting more of how you want to feel and what matters most.  

It's a space to treasure memories, and for being truly grateful for every experience.

It's a guided journal with an easy to follow process that helps you identify what's important to you and seek it out in your everyday life.

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I believe that Moments Matter

In fact, if you care to look up dictionary definitions of the word (you mean it’s just me who finds that kind of thing fun?), a moment can mean both a brief but unspecified portion of time, and something of significance or value.  

So it could be a split second, a few minutes, a day, or even longer. And what matters to you might be totally different to what someone else values, but that's OK, if it feels important to you, it is.  

It's also the natural way our memories are formed: we rarely remember entire days, but instead just snapshots - moments - of the important parts that capture our attention. So it seems natural to capitalise on this intuitive process in how we journal.  

The key to using the Moments Journal is to organise your moments into categories according to what’s important to you, your values, the kinds of things you want to remember, what you’re intending to call in more of, and how you want to feel.  

By giving experiences labels like this, it helps your brain store evidence of the way you want your life to be, which then helps shift your mindset towards perceiving how you’re already living it.  

It comes back to the old cliché of attracting what you focus on – so why wouldn’t you want to focus on the good stuff?


The Details  


The Moments Journal has 420 pages in total, with 365 of them being the daily spreads for recording your moments. The pages are undated so you can start whenever you like.  

There are introductory notes to guide you through getting started , and each daily page has either black or coloured (just to mix it up for fun!) grids for you to write in.

There are also pages to list examples of different kinds of moments, and some of my own original photographs paired with words of wisdom.

It is printed on high quality, uncoated white paper, and is suitable for use with a wide range of pens.  

The soft-touch hard-backed cover is strong and durable to keep all your moments safe, and features my own photograph of a spectacular sunrise behind a magnificent oak tree.  

There is also a special limited edition cover available featuring my favourite rainbow coloured stripe photo which I know a lot of you on Instagram love too.  

Measuring 6 x 9 inches (15 x 23 cm), the journal makes a beautiful addition to your bedside table or desk, but is also portable if you’re taking it on adventures with you.


The Story

The Moments Journal was born from my own struggles with finding a journaling practice that worked for me. I'd go through phases of writing pages and pages every day, and then not putting pen to paper for weeks or months. Or I'd keep a diary that was purely a record of events but didn't touch on the emotions behind my experiences.  

Long form stream-of-consciousness writing has a tendency to spiral into rumination and negativity for me, rather than unearthing the answers it seems to for other people. And it takes time, something I’m always conscious of passing too quickly and not having enough of to do everything I want. But the pure record keeping felt too clinical, too purely observed rather than lived, so I wanted something in between.  

The journaling question had been in the back of my mind for a while until one evening when I was writing in my diary – it was the night of a new moon if you’re interested in that kind of thing – the answer and the idea, as all the best ones often do, just popped into my head.  

That night I started my journal of Moments and have been doing it ever since.

Within a few weeks I was utterly converted to this new system, and the idea had evolved, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and wouldn’t let go. If this journal could change the way I thought and felt then it could probably help others too, and that path has led to here and now, and the first version of the Moments Journal waiting to be born with your support.

Who it's for


I'm passionate about the process within the Moments Journal, and believe it can be a powerful tool for anyone, but I think it can really work for you:

  • If you love the idea of journaling but don't have the time to write pages and pages regularly. 

  • If you want a system that goes deeper than just a diary of events. 

  • If you're looking for a way to capture memories and moments that are important to you. 

  • If you have a set of values, a guiding word, or core desired feelings but want another way to work with them every day. 

  • If you want a way to start shifting your mindset towards positivity and a way to experience more of how you want to feel in your life. 

  • If you're looking for a tool to support a regular mindfulness and gratitude practice. 

  • If you want to start working with the law of attraction and manifesting the life you wish for. 

  • If you want to savour more of your life and feel less like time is running away from you.

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How to use it

The best way to use the Moments Journal is in conjunction with your values – the things that are important to you – or any guiding words or feelings that you want to bring more of into your life, but making the most of the journal is really down to you; it’s an easily adaptable process with plenty of scope for flexibility.  

  • You can use it the way I do and keep track of several kinds of moments, or choose to focus on one type. 

  •  You could use the journal in conjunction with your guiding word for the year, gathering evidence that you’re living that intention every day. 

  •  Or you could use the journal to focus on different areas of wellbeing like your monthly cycle, food and eating habits, or movement and exercise practices. 

  •  It would make a fantastic pregnancy journal or to track baby’s first moments. 

  •  You could even use it as a holiday or travel journal to really savour the memories and store them up for future reminiscing. 


I really want it to be a tool that works for you whatever your lifestyle and whatever is important to you, which is why I’ve just created the framework for you to build on.

The journal is designed to be used daily, with each page featuring a spread of blank boxes for you to fill. The first space at the top of each page gives you a chance to note down anything important like the date, weather, your mood, key events or appointments, for example. 

For the first couple of weeks worth of pages I've then given you a starting point of Proud, Self-Care and Grateful Moments as they're the ones I use regularly, and I think these are really important for everyone and will help you start to be more aware of what you are capable of and achieve, how you look after yourself, and what you can be thankful for every day. If these don't feel like a good fit for you then you can just cross them out and use your own categories.

Internal Pages.jpg

Throughout the journal, roughly every month or so, you'll find pages with space for a list - you can use these pages (or the blank pages at the back of the journal) to compile particular kinds of moments that mean something special to you but that you might not keep track of all the time, again using my suggested categories or choosing your own.  

There are also pages featuring my own original photographs with quotes and words of wisdom on the theme of moments - I hope these give you a moment to pause and ponder, and you could cut these out to keep somewhere special like a vision board or inspiration gallery if you like.

Keeping a journal of moments that matter to you should also be fun, so I want you to feel free to play with the format and try different things to see what works for you.  

  •  You could write just one moment in each of the boxes, or fill them with as many as you can. 

  • Choose six different kinds of moments to journal about, or decide to focus on looking for six moments of the same type. 

  • If one page isn’t enough to fit all your moments from one day, then just fill up the next page too. 

  • If a daily practice is too much, make each page a weekly spread instead and find one moment each day to treasure. 

  • Write in your best handwriting with your favourite pen, or use different coloured pens for different moments. 

  • Draw or sketch your moments instead of writing about them. 

  • Add photos, stickers, or other mementos to capture the memories.


There are so many possibilities, so don’t be afraid to experiment. I’d love to see how you personalise your journal, so feel free to send me a message or email, or post a photo on Instagram and use #mymomentsjournal so that we can share the inspiration with others.

How it’s changed my life

Some of the labels I use in my own journal are Proud moments (achievements and successes of every kind), Self-Care moments (what I do to look after body, mind and soul), Grateful moments (things I'm thankful for), Creative moments (when I’m expressing myself in some way that feels truly me, playing or making, or working with my imagination), Enchanted (mysterious but utterly joyful, the ones that stop you in your tracks and make you believe in magic), Curious, Confident, Abundant, and others that come and go as I need them.

I honestly believe that keeping these values in mind and being aware of them happening throughout the day has made a massive difference to my life. I have days now where there are so many of a particular kind of moment it definitely feels like the universe is working with me to bring me what I want. After just a couple of weeks tracking Abundant moments I won a competition, had sales from my shop, got commissioned to write for a magazine, was offered discounts on several different things, and even found money on the ground!

Yes of course there are some days that don’t feel as full as others, days when I’ve just been at home not doing much, or days when I’ve felt really down and struggled to stay positive, but even on those days – perhaps especially on those days – I’ve still managed to appreciate a few moments. Maybe not as many as other days, but even feeling proud of doing my laundry, grateful for my comfiest clothes, and enchanted by watching the clouds float by the window means the day was still worth experiencing and offered me some of the things I want in life.

I know this isn’t always easy, and as someone who has struggled with depression and poor mental health I know how seriously tough it can be to find even one little good thing about a day when it feels like that black cloud is at its darkest and heaviest. But they are there, and once you start looking for them, and appreciating even the tiniest moments, pretty soon you won’t even have to look hard because you’ll be noticing all the ways your life is full of achievements, creativity, connection, abundance, magic, gratitude, and everything else that matters to you. 

Small moments of good things add up, and they quickly become more than the sum of their parts. This is my hope for the Moments Journal - that it becomes an integral part of your day and a repository for memories that fill and spill out of its pages representing everything that's important to you and a year in the life you wish for.

Keep an eye open for more content coming soon to support you in getting the most out of your journal, and more product ideas that are already brewing to expand the Moments Journal range!