I want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who supported the Kickstarter campaign and helped to make the Moments Journal a reality. All my work in creating the journal means nothing without your pledges and pre-orders to get your own copy, and I’m so pleased to say that they will be on their way to you soon. I’m so grateful to every person who read the campaign page, asked questions, shared the link on social media, and pledged money of varying amounts - you have my eternal thanks for helping me realise a dream. I hope the Moments Journal now helps you realise a few of your own.

Special thanks go to the following people who have supported me throughout the project and have graciously allowed me to publish their names in gratitude:

Mandy Lehto

Kate Seow

Clarisa Marcée

Lucy Peltier


Terri Connellan

Suzanne Birkholz

Laura Corcoran

Cathryn G

Martha Roberts

Andy Brinkley

Sabine H

Jean Dawkins

Kerstin Martin



Carrie Pawley

Alice Heggie

Lauren Barber

Mary McConnell

Penelope Love

Vicky Shilling

Michelle McCartan

Jo Wass

Peg Andersen

Clare Albans

Emma Phipps

And to all the other people who have anonymously supported me and the Moments Journal project financially or otherwise.